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Coffee Roasting Australia

Why does Caddies Coffee have so much flavour? What makes Caddies Coffee a little different to other Australian coffee roasters?

Since 1990 Caddies have used a unique hot air roaster to roast our selection of 19 different coffees including our Byron Blend Coffee. The Belaroma Coffee Roaster uses hot air, electrically heated using no propane/gas, and a large fan. This hot air is then blasted onto the beans from underneath causing agitation to the bean bed.

The fan forced heat along with the fluidised bed of beans, allows a fast and consistent roast, locking in all the flavour and aromatics of the beans.

The use of the electric heating elements instead of the more traditional propane or hydrocarbon based fuels, mean Caddies Coffee is free from carbon monoxide (a by product of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels).

Caddies source their green beans from an outstanding importer with over 100 years experience importing and wholesaling green beans. This combined with our weekly roasting schedule means you can be sure you are drinking the finest, freshest coffee.

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